English for children

Our English language learning programs for children use highly interactive, oracy focused approaches to develop, first and foremost, confidence and competence with language. We engage all of the senses, maintain active learning and give our learners a fully rounded experience. Once learners are ready, we introduce text and develop competent, proactive language learners, with a wide vocabulary and the confidence to use it in everyday situations.

We prepare our language learners for their first experiences of language learning in schools, supplement school programs for children who need more immersion and get children ready to achieve certified language levels. We work with children as individuals, move them on at their own pace and give them an experience that is both nurturing and academically challenging. Our programs are available as morning or after school sessions – whichever suits you best.

Adult Learners

Our adult language education programs are carefully tailored to meet the exact needs of individual clients. Each course is taught by a dedicated professional, who gets to know their student and builds a language program that is focused on practical speaking skills, adaptive listening and the ability to transfer learning to text at an appropriate pace.

We ensure that all vocabulary, grammar and contextual language aspects are fully contextualised, so that students know what they are learning and why. Tutors also closely monitor the progress of all students in case any learning needs to be covered in more detail or revisited. We can also prepare students to take recognised language learning certificates for work or education purposes.

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