Summer camps

Summer Day Camp for Children with English, where your children will have amazing holiday experiences! Thanks to all-day communication in English and native speakers, your children will stop being afraid to speak English, improve their listening skills, pronunciation, and learn many important phrases. Summer day camps for children = a fun week full of experiences in English!

camps of year 2024

From 22. 7. to 26. 7.

From 5. 8. to 9. 8.

From 19. 8. to 23. 8.

From 26. 8. to 30. 8.


When school’s out, we keep on learning. Our exciting, themed summer camps give children a chance to keep improving their English during the summer break. Whether they are learning to cook, enlarging their knowledge as scientists or building their artistic skills, children taking part in our summer camps boost their English and really enjoy themselves. Not only are there plenty of great speaking and listening opportunities, but children also get the chance to read and write over the course of the themed camps. Choose the one that suits your child best, or send them to several over the course of the holiday. Summer learning just got better!

Camp Theme and Story:
We choose a theme and story/fairytale for each week, considering the age of the camp participants and tailoring activities accordingly. Throughout the day, we talk, sing, learn, perform, play games, and read fairytales together.

Singing, Dancing, Exercising:
We dance, sing themed songs, learn about music and instruments, and practice yoga.

We make themed costumes and toys, and other props, which help develop our skills and imagination.

We select games according to the children’s age that are enjoyable, beneficial, and inclusive for everyone.

Children’s Unorganized Activity:
A time for games where children can use their imagination and play together (under the supervision of an instructor).

We dine together. It’s a great opportunity to learn the necessary vocabulary and phrases needed for pleasant, tasty, and social meals. We always choose lunches with maximum quality and balance in mind, usually opting for organic (BIO) quality.

Our instructors will take care of your children with the utmost patience and care.

  • Up to 8 hours of English per day
  • Children’s arrival from 8:00 to 9:00 AM – Prague 10
  • Afternoon pick-up from 4:30 to 5:00 PM – Prague 10
  • A Czech leader participates throughout the day
  • Native speaker 4+ hours/day

The course fee includes:
20+ hours of English with a native speaker
Accompanying program for 5 days including entrance fees
Lunch, snacks, and drinks, study materials, and supplies
Small groups of children, maximum 5 children per teacher

Children’s age:
Activities are designed for children aged 4 to 12 years

Number of children in the group:
Maximum of 14 children per camp. On trips, there are always at least two, but usually three to four adults with the children.

Group organization:
Children are divided into 2 age groups

We are insured, and we use protective sunscreen and tick repellents (unless otherwise agreed with parents)

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